Have you applied for a dream job? You now have an interview? Sweaty hands? Sleepless nights?

Nervous as hell? Enhance your confidence and chances right now with FACE IT (CV Buddy).

Devil's Scent FACE IT Pheromone (10 ml) is a unique blend of subtle fragrances laced with pheromone formulated to help you influence interviews.

FACE IT will help you feel more relaxed and confident. Your potential employer will admire you from across the interview room and most importantly, you will be memorable to them days after that final handshake.

Discreet devilsscent packaging option available (No label or fancy packaging, just our no nonsense hypnotic scent in a plain bottle)

Pheromones for Men to Attract Women

Excitation due to the presence of an attractive man or woman walking into a room, will triggers the release of low levels of pheromones in healthy humans. These pheromones at low levels will diffuses away from the target faster than it can be produced therefore losing the intended effect of inducing an instantaneous hypnotic attraction.

Non-human pheromones are usually used as perfumery ingredients with the sole propose of preserving or delivering the odour effects of the perfumes ingredients.

Materials available in today’s perfumes are used for their preservative and odour potentials rather than their pheromonal effects, with a lot of perfumes on the market are generally marketed as having the ability to enhance sexual attractiveness.

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

While providing a scent may produce a certain pleasant response, this should never be confused with a pheromone response.

The attractiveness of perfumes is principally related to the effect of the pleasant scent. A more logical approach would be to use human pheromones which, for humans, are both more natural and more effective as true sensual attractants. It seems likely that implementation of this approach will constitute an important model in the perfume market as perfumery moves from the realm of art to that of science.

The formulators behind Devils Scent bring you a no nonsense scent which blends pheromones with hypnotic notes used for trance voodoo ritual ceremonies in Brazil, Haiti, West Africa and Ancient Egypt.