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Read all of this for full instructions on how to use devilsscent.

What this devilsscent is for

Devils scent is ideal for the treatment of lonely hearts, attracting sexy people that would otherwise not give you the time of day. The scent acts like your buddy when out and about, it will help you get dates and that person you always admired from a distance.

How to use devilsscent

Before use, give the bottle a good shake to mix and to wake it up!. Apply evenly to all exposed areas of the skin, except eyes and lips. Do not apply scent directly onto face: apply onto palm of hand and apply to face, and apply sparingly around ears, avoiding eyes and lips. For best results apply and allow to fully dry before applying sunscreen. Apply to the skin only. It can be used repeatedly or for long periods of time.

Possible side effects of devilsscent

You will notice an increased attention from the opposite sex, you will be more confident, you will feel invincible.

How to store devilsscent

Do not store above 25°C. Keep the scent out of the sight and reach of children.

Active ingredients of devilsscent

Pheromone and Ritual Scents

Devil’s Scent listed ingredients are estratetraenol, ritual oils - *devilsscent secret*, copulins, honeysuckle, violet, patchouli and hint of red sea salts. Devil’s scent is formulated to be almost fizzy in the first few minutes of application - it will seem to dance and sparkle on your skin as it warms.

Special Precaution

Devils Scent works every time giving you that extra confidence. Always use a condom! Updated 13-July-2012